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Do I qualify?

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Depending on what development you're interested in, you may be able to rent or buy a home.

To qualify for renting an Independent Living home you must:

  • be aged 55+
  • need six hours or more of care each week
  • live in the district where there are Independent Living homes or have a connection to the area

What does a connection to the area mean?

This could mean having a child who lives in the same district as an Independent Living development, even if you live in another area.

For example, if your son or daughter lives in the district where there is an Independent Living property, and we can see that living there would help your independence, you would be able to apply.

If you live outside Essex

If you live outside Essex but you can show a connection to the area, you can still apply. Talk to your social worker. They will assess your needs and will send the information to Essex County Council.

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