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Meet Julie and Edgar

Mature couple toasting wine glasses outside of an apartment block

Julie and Edgar were some of the first residents to move into Rosebank Park, Harwich. They've been married for over 45 years and grew up in the area. Julie was an occupational therapist and Edgar was a long-distance lorry driver.

Before they moved into their Independent Living home, they lived on a first-floor flat in Harwich, but Julie suffered several falls and she struggled with the stairs.

"We felt like prisoners in our own home," Julie says.

Edgar was caring for Julie, which was beginning to take a toll on him.

They first noticed the Independent Living properties when they saw them being built on the main road and applied as soon as they could.

"The way Essex County Council, Tendring District Council and social services all worked together on this was brilliant," Julie says. "We’d moved in within six weeks of applying."

For Edgar, the change in their quality of life has been significant. "I feel most relieved, as we weren’t living safely before. This has taken so much pressure off me; it’s given us a new lease of life," he says. "Now we’ve settled in it feels like we’ve always been here. And the staff are always pleasant."

Julie agrees. "Having the lift and help every morning makes me feel like I’ve been given a second chance at life. Life for us is totally different now. 

"I would say to anyone thinking of living here to seriously think about what it can offer. It’s a life-changing experience."

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